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Yes that's right - free! Home Finder Richmond Hill doesn't charge you at all - our services are completely free to you!

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We work hard to make sure that our network is filled with professional agents who know Richmond Hill like no other

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Rather than calling up hundreds of agents and trying to decide which way to go, let us be your one stop shop

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We've already gathered up a bunch of the best agents in Richmond Hill, now all you have to do is let them know what you're looking for, and the right one for the job will reach out.

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We're here to connect you with our network of Real Estate Agents right here in Richmond Hill!

Home Buying Agents

Many of our agent partners specialise in home buying in Richmond Hill and the GTA

Home Selling Agents

And many of them are experts at listing homes for sale in Richmond Hill as well!

Home Renting Agents

Did you know that you could use an agent to rent an apartment? 

So how does it all work?

Let's break down the process at Home Finder Richmond Hill .com!

Find the BEST agent

We'll send out your response info to our network of real estate agents, and the ONE who thinks that he/she can help you the best will reach out. You will not be getting contacted by numerous agents, just one.

Find your next home

Our agent partners know the city well, and they'll search high and low to find the right home for you

Close the deal and move in!

Your new Real Estate Agent will help you get the deal closed to your satisfaction, and you'll just have to figure out how many movers you need!

What exactly is Home Finder Richmond Hill?

We help to connect local real estate agents with local buyers and sellers. So when it's time for you to make the move, you just have one central portal to go to in order to find your next real estate agent

What if I'm looking to leave Richmond Hill?

If you're selling your Richmond Hill home, click the "I am Selling" box to get in contact with a selling agent from our network. If you're not selling, but looking to buy or rent out of town, we can help with that also! When you're filling out the form, there's a box for where you're looking, just select one of the other GTA towns our network extends to, such as Toronto, Mississauga and Markham.

Can't I just find my own Real Estate Agent?

Of course you can! You can reach out to 5, 10, 15 or more real estate agents that you find online, on bus shelters, etc, or you can just come to us, where we've already done the work to find a bunch of local agents that can find your dream house for you - quick and for the best price!

Why would I rent with an agent?

Sure you can do it all yourself, scanning the marketplace sites, reaching out to a bunch of landlords yourself. Or for literally zero extra dollars, you can get a professional on your side, who gets access to a whole bunch of other units you can't find on your standard websites.

Ready to get in touch with a Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent?